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The TradeNet System

Presentation of the TradeNet System



TradeNet (developed in collaboration with CrimsonLogic - Singapore) is an electronic system which allows the electronic routing, the distribution and the integration of data in a secure environment which connects all the creditors to international business, on a common platform.






The objective being the strengthening of the systems which are currently operational, the TradeNet system interfaces information processing systems of the companies and the organizations involved in customs clearance, so as to bring a significant simplification of the procedure with the suppression of a certain number of steps and documents to get a customs clearing system which is almost entirely computerized.







It is important to emphasize that TradeNet does not replace any existing system which is planned to exist, but TradeNet defines itself as an integration tool for existing systems, to ensure their smooth functioning, thanks to the creation and the management of the necessary interfaces.

The installation of TradeNet will allow a significant reducing of the time needed for the processing of documents, a diminishing of errors caused by the repetition of data capture, and an increase of openness and of reliability in administrative procedures.




The important improvements which are in progress are:

  • the installation of the Cargo Tracking Note,
  • the direct submission for manifests and declarations, 
  • the simultaneity of the delivery note process and the customs clearing and its electronic transmission, from the consignee to the container terminal and to the gate of the port,
  • the simultaneity of the payment of duties and taxes and the process of customs clearing and its electronic confirmation at the primary banks, the Central Bank and the Treasury,
  • the electronic transmission of the Gate Pass from the container terminal to the gate.


While working for the simplification of procedures and a customs clearing which is almost entirely computerized, with an automatic transmission of the intermediate authorizations, the installation of Tradenet will allow, in a general way, an increase in openness as well as in reliability in administrative procedures, with an availability in real-time of statistics.


The current covering of the system



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