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The GasyNet company (PPP)

The Malagasy Community Network Services S.A. or GasyNet is a Malagasy right company from a private public partnership between the Government of the Republic of Madagascar and the SGS - Société Générale de Surveillance S.A.

It was set up in order to pursue the deployment of scanner tools in order to install and to manage the Tradenet platform, and in a more general way, to ensure an optimization of the customs performance. 


The three main lines of the project :

  • the putting in place of the Advanced Cargo Information (ACI or BSC) ;
  • the deployment and the management of the TradeNet information processing system ;
  • the management and the maintenance of container scanners in the main ports of Madagascar.


The challenge consists in creating an environment through which it will be possible to develop a dynamic and strong economy, where the data exchanges as well as the controls carried out by the State, although necessary, do not constitute an obstacle for the trade.

We are convinced that the installation of a national platform, based on a high level technological infrastructure, intended to facilitate commercial exchanges, will develop the competitiveness of Madagascar.

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